Green Card Sponsorships: What If Your Sponsor Withdraws Support?

Part of the process to receive a visa is to have a sponsor who is willing to vouch for you while you are in the country. Ideally, the person you choose would agree to sponsor you throughout the process. However, if your sponsor decides to withdraw his or her support, you need to take action. 

Has Your Visa Petition Been Approved?

At what stage in the visa process the sponsor withdraws his or her support is important. The visa process is not considered complete until you actually have your green card in hand. If you do not have it in hand and the sponsor has withdrawn support, you need to quickly find another sponsor. Without a sponsor, there is a good chance that your application will be denied. 

Who Can Be a Replacement Sponsor?

Sponsors are typically family members or an employer. If you are planning to ask a family member to sponsor your petition, remember that the relationship between you and the person matters. If you are sponsored by an immediate family member, such as a parent or child, your petition takes priority over someone sponsored by a secondary family member, such as a cousin. 

If the original sponsor was an employer and you no longer have a job, you either need to find a new job with an employer who is willing to sponsor your petition or a family member who can. 

Can the Visa Be Revoked Once It Is Issued?

If you have already received your green card, it is unlikely that the government will take action to remove you from the country if your sponsor withdraws. However, there is an exception. If your sponsor withdrew his or her support because your petition was fraudulent, the government could decide to not only revoke your green card, but also deport you. 

For instance, if your petition was based on a job being offered by an employer and the position was non-existent or you had a friend pretending to be the employer, you could be in legal trouble. There is a possibility that you could face criminal charges for the fraud and more immigration woes. 

If you do not have an immigration lawyer at this point, schedule a consultation with one. You need an experienced attorney on your side to help you with developing a strategy for handling the loss of the sponsor and any other legal issues you might be facing.