Three Tips For Finding An Immigration Attorney For You And Your Fiance

Planning to get married comes with a lot of work. You and your future spouse will have to figure out what where you will live, the location of your wedding, any changes in your career track, and how you will set up your family after the wedding. The wedding itself takes a lot of time and planning, but you may have bigger issues at hand. If your fiance is a resident of another country and is a resident of the United States, having them come here is going to take an immigration attorney and many steps. here are three tips for finding a good immigration lawyer when your finance is not a resident of your country. 

Look for attorneys out of state

When getting an immigration lawyer it is always a good idea to go with the best attorney possible. Since immigration is always a federal matter, you can hire an attorney from any state. Look for law firms that concentrate solely on immigration. Law firms that represent fiances and family members of those who are trying to immigrate to the United States are the team that you want to go with. Find a firm that represents fiance and family visas regularly to find help with good knowledge. 

Figure out other visa eligibility

Though a visa for marriage is often a good way to be able to immigrate into a nation, depending on your partner's skill sets they may be eligible for other types of visa. For instance, if they work in computer programming or engineering, they may be able to find a job that sponsors their visa. This will allow them to come into the United States and work immediately without any restrictions. An attorney that can figure out their visa odds for other types of applications will make things easier for you and your intended to be together.

Be sure they are fine with constant updates

Depending on the attorney's availability they may want to update you only when critical incidences happen with the visa application. Some will update when an approval or denial happens. If you need to be kept in the loop because of your moving plans and due to the wedding happening soon, find an attorney that is okay with regular meetings. Before hiring an attorney, ask if they will allow you to meet with them at least on a monthly basis to go over the application status and next steps. 

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