Dilemmas That Might Require Professional Assistance from an Immigration Attorney

Immigration is something a lot of people seek out, whether it's for better employment opportunities or for quality education for their children. It can bring up serious legal issues that you might not be capable of resolving though. If these come up for you when trying to immigrate to another country, be sure to hire an immigration attorney. Have Been Unsuccessful in Getting a Green Card You may have tried gaining citizenship to another country using a green card and have been unsuccessful.

Tips For Moving To Germany Under Article 116

If you are a Jewish descendent who lives in the United States, you might have always dreamed of moving to Germany. However, because your loved ones might have lost their German citizenship during Nazi rule, you might not have been able to do so. Luckily, now, if you can prove that you are the descendent of a Jewish person who had German citizenship during the Nazi regime, then you might be able to gain German citizenship so that you can legally move there under Article 116.