Green Card Sponsorships: What If Your Sponsor Withdraws Support?

Part of the process to receive a visa is to have a sponsor who is willing to vouch for you while you are in the country. Ideally, the person you choose would agree to sponsor you throughout the process. However, if your sponsor decides to withdraw his or her support, you need to take action.  Has Your Visa Petition Been Approved? At what stage in the visa process the sponsor withdraws his or her support is important.

Obtaining A Green Card For An Immediate Family Member

Much has been written in recent years about an American immigration problem, with some vocal elements advocating closing the borders. Most of this anger is directed at illegal immigrants, although some of the negativity is aimed at immigration in general. Fortunately for those of you who are permanent citizens with relatives abroad, family petitions for immigration are still a viable way of getting your family to the United States. The green card process, although still fraught with red tape, is easier for spouses, parents, and children of residents than for other family members.